Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Long before people incessantly started posting what they were doing on a social media web site the word twitter was associated with what happens in the springtime. The word twitterpated was first heard in Bambi (I love that movie so don’t make fun of me) when Friend Owl said, “Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.” For those who are unaware of this word, twitterpated describes the feeling people get when they are excited about something.

Even the Urban Dictionary provides definitions for twitterpated: 1) to be completely enamored with someone/something 2) the happy jumpy feeling you get that causes you to smile uncontrollably 3) the way birds and other animals act during mating season (as seen in Bambi). See….the Urban Dictionary adores Bambi too.

Anyway, springtime has a lot of perks so it makes sense that people are in a good mood. Here are ten reasons why everyone is excited this time of year:

-The weather is getting warmer and the sun stays up longer.
-Wash Park Volleyball. Enough said.
-Outdoor concert season! Red Rocks! Fiddler’s Green! Botanic Gardens! Four Mile Park! They all have live music and it all takes place outside.
-NBA playoffs – this is fun as long as the Heat and the Nuggets make the playoffs. I’m thinking the former is a shoe-in but following all the Melo-drama the latter’s future is up in the air. Keep your fingers crossed.
-Hiking in the mountains and seeing all the wildflowers.
-Opening Day – for those who love baseball it’s a rite of passage but for those who simply like sports and drinking in the middle of the day it’s nice to have another afternoon activity option.
-Things start getting green again – especially for those of us who live in places where there are four seasons.
-Summer is just around the corner which means there is a whole lot of outdoor fun to be had.
-It’s award season and contest season.
-Patios and rooftops begin to open up which means lots of hanging out and sipping on cool drinks!
-Swimming pools open! Hello tanning, cooling off in the water and grilling on the pool deck!
-People start traveling and Colorado happens to be beautiful in the summer so book those plane tickets.

In the meantime start looking for your flip flops and sunscreen kids – April is rapidly approaching which means it’s just a sleigh ride (water slide?) into summer!

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