Friday, May 14, 2010

Give Kevin Costner A Chance!

Why do people give Kevin Costner such a hard time? Is it because he made a few bad career choices? (I.e. Waterworld and The Postman) Please….take a number. If I had a nickel for every time a Hollywood actor made a bad career choice I could buy the Hollywood sign from Hugh Hefner.

Costner has done some of the best movies of the last few decades, for example number one on my Best Movies of the 1990s list (May 8 post) Dances With Wolves. It was on television last night and Rodney and I found it impossible turn it off even though we were exhausted. From the incredible western landscapes to Costner’s excellent use of narration to the magnificent buffalo hunt scene to his relationship with the Sioux Indians, his horse and Two Socks the wolf, there is no question that the movie is a masterpiece.

Whether Costner is playing a baseball player, a cowboy or is protecting Whitney Houston, your eyes are always glued to him. He is hard to look away from and he makes you feel like he’s someone you want to get to know. More recently Costner has played a Coast Guard veteran (The Guardian) and a drunk, pool-playing father who is unexpectedly left with the task of choosing the President of the United States (Swing Vote), but he still maintained the charisma and likeability he demonstrated as a ball player or cowboy.

Either way you could arguably say that everyone likes at least one of Costner’s movies. Fan favorites other than Dances With Wolves are Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Bodyguard and Tin Cup and for good reason. People not only remember Kevin Costner starring in those movies they remember his characters’ names (Lieutenant John J. Dunbar, Crash Davis, Ray Kinsella, Frank Farmer and of course, Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy) which shows that these characters made such an impression on the audience and were so memorable that it’s almost like they are real people.

My Dad got me into Costner movies close to 20 years and ago and I’m still mesmerized by him to this day. If you’re still not convinced rent one of these on DVD and get back to me.

Costner’s Greatest Hits:

Silverado – 1985
The Untouchables – 1987
Bull Durham – 1988
Field of Dreams – 1989
Dances With Wolves – 1990
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – 1991
JFK – 1991
The Bodyguard – 1992
Wyatt Earp – 1994
Tin Cup – 1996
For Love Of The Game – 1999
Open Range – 2003
The Upside of Anger – 2005
The Guardian – 2006
Swing Vote – 2008

P.S. When Costner isn’t doing movies he is playing in his band called Kevin Costner & The Modern West. Download “Hey Man What About You” and “The Sun Will Rise Again.” If you like the sound of Costner’s speaking voice and country music then you won’t be sorry.


  1. I'll tell you why I give him a hard time....

    He directs and stars in his own movies to portray himself as a larger than life ,greater than thou, universe saving protagonist to feed his own narcissistic needs.

    How about killing yourself off in the first 5 minutes of your next film Kevin...then I might watch it.

  2. Kevin Costner isn't the most polarizing figure to me, however, since you opened the floor to a rebuttal...why not?!

    This is based on the 15 aforementioned films:
    4/15 of the movies are Westerns.
    4/15 he was or is a baseball player.
    4/15 westerns + 4/15 baseball players = in over half his movies he plays 1 of 2 characters.

    Most actors avoid typecasting like the plague. Clearly Costner likes to roll around in the all the horse manure and infield dirt of his Westerns and baseball films like, well, like it's his job.

    Maybe branch out. Maybe be the bad guy or play a retard. I'm just saying.

    p.s. I <3 "Field of Dreams."

  3. Dear Justin and Carly: Do you two happen to live in the same Costner-hating household? :) I agree....typecasting is something most actors try to avoid but the characters he plays in these baseball movies and westerns are very different. I don't think its narcissism....if you can both act and direct why not do it? Everyone is entitled to their Costner opinion and you two definitely made some solid arguments for the other side. That being said, I will always LOVE Kevin Costner!

  4. I'm with you Laura - love Costner. AND - for the sake of accuracy - he was a farmer in Field of Dreams, not a baseball player. Could have done without For the Love of the Game though, Snoozefest 1999.

  5. Thanks for the Costner support Lindsay!

  6. Did you know Costner has done more baseball themed movies than any other actor, except for the guy who played Pedro in all 3 "Major League" movies, and was also in "Mr. Baseball?" Shocking.

    P.S. Before any big break came Costner was in a soft corn porn...yikes. Maybe it was a western porno? I'm sure you girls would looove it!