Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts on Survivor Season 20: Villains vs. Heroes

-It’s been at least six years since I’ve watched this show but the parts that kept my interest for the first few years are still there: the nutjob castaways and the creative challenges.
-I first started watching because my aunt, uncle and cousin enjoyed the show so much that they demanded I watch it. They were right.
-I decided to tune in to Season 20 because I heard that some of the fun characters would be back including Rob (2nd place in All-Stars season), Rupert, Jerri and Colby (second place in Australia season).
-These favorites are back in their “character” uniforms with Rob sporting his Boston Red Sox hat, Rupert wearing his tie-dye tank top, Jerri showing off her Australian hat and Colby wearing his pretty smile.
-All four of them were on the All-Stars season and this is their third time playing the game.

-In addition to featuring the Survivor favorites, the cast also includes a few former winners and a few former 2nd placers such as:

-JT – won Tocantins season
-Tom – won Palau season
-Amanda – second place twice, in the China season and the Fans vs. Favorites season
-Sandra – won Pearl Islands season
-Parvati – won Fans vs. Favorites

-Everyone on this show has done Survivor before. They know the drill.
-They all have big egos and are not afraid to run their mouths which makes it even more fun.
-Another aspect of Survivor that’s great is the host, Jeff Probst. He does not put up with any of the players’ bullshit and is king of the play-by-plays.
-He has even won two Emmys for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program.

-Although Survivor is not nearly as popular as it once was (the Australia season pulled in 30 million viewers) I think Season 20 should make for some exciting TV. Since Survivor (and arguably the Real World) is responsible for bringing reality TV into our lives it is fair to either love it or hate it.
-Either way, these people work their asses off physically and mentally to win $1 million and the twists and turns are always exciting to watch.
-Here’s hoping that the 20th anniversary is something to celebrate.


  1. LOVE "Survivor"! Have been watching it since the season finale of Season One, believe it or not! This 20th season so far has been crazy, but can't wait to see how things end up!

    One thing I'm thinking about (and others too) is how much longer Survivor can go on for; they have to keep 're-inventing' themselves to make the challenges more unique/difficult, etc. Just a thought!

  2. Hi there-

    I think it will be interesting to see how long the show can last. A lot of these reality challenge shows like Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, etc. last a long time because people continue to want to be contestants.

    The most exciting aspect of Survivor is the creative challenges so as long as they keep coming up with them and people still want to play the game the show should continue to do well.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!