Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shaun White: Pioneer Or Pain In The Ass?

Why Shaun White is one of the most exciting athletes of our generation:

-He became a pro snowboarder at age 13, an age when other kids are getting braces and worrying about cliques at a middle school dance.
-He was mentored by Tony Hawk.
-He loves rock & roll.
-He brought snowboarding into living rooms all over the world.
-When he’s on a snowboard he defies gravity and it really is something to see.
-In a sport full of egos and entourages White does his own thing.
-He’s a competitor above everything else.
-He seems to be humble regardless of his massive success.

Why Shaun White is incredibly annoying:

-If I read the words “Double McTwist” one more time I’m going to double mctwist his face.
-He says he doesn’t want to talk about snowboarding in interviews. Really Shaun? Then what the hell were you doing at the Olympics?
-He thinks Slash doesn’t want to talk about guitars.
-For a guy who has won gold for Team USA twice he doesn’t come off as a team player at all.
-He needs a new publicist – when every other word out of your mouth is “rad” it gets old.
-That hair needs to be cut immediately.
-He says he doesn’t want people to think about snowboarding when they see his face. How is that even possible?
-He can’t stop talking about how he has trouble relaxing. Find a great view and have a glass of wine Shaun…it works.

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