Friday, February 19, 2010

Eye On Tiger

I would love to know what everyone thought about Tiger Woods’ apology today. Heartfelt? Pathetic? How about when he said that he thought he was entitled to anything and everything because he was famous? How about the part when he told everyone to leave his mother alone? How about when he cried?

The big question is: Why is the public so mad at Tiger? Is it really because of his infidelity or is it because we feel that we have all been tricked? We thought Tiger was a non-controversial, Nike-wearing, role model for kids and then we find out that he’s a sex addict who cheats on his wife. Would we be as critical if he found out that controversial athletes like Dennis Rodman, Allen Iverson or Bode Miller did something like this? Or would we just chalk it up to their behavior being part of their “bad boy” persona and ignore it?

Either way it will be interesting to see how long it takes for Tiger to bounce back. I’m betting that he doesn’t play in a pro golf tournament again until 2012. Any takers?


  1. Good afternoon Laura, long time reader-first time commenter. :)
    I believe the publics outrage is a little bit racial. Before people get up in arms, let me explain. For most of suburban America, this was their chance to get behind an athlete of color who was wholesome and humble. Not to say there aren't others, but Tiger was/is at the top of his game. Even his sponsorships are very vanilla. Buick, really?
    They let their children idolize him, put his posters on the wall. When this broke, parents were the ones who felt victimized. The younger, dare I say hipper demo, just snickered and thought, 'there goes another rich athlete who doesn't think the rules aply to them'.
    I think he's only sorry that he got caught. But as with other celeb scandals, it's not really a question of do we forgive him, but if his wife and family does.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting! I totally agree with you. Tiger was breaking the mold and he did a good job of it (or so we thought) for a long time. What are 12-year-old kids supposed to do with this kind of negative information about their hero? Move on to another one? Is there another one? I also agree that he's only sorry that he got caught. He said it himself - he thought since he was famous and at the top of his game that he could do whatever he wanted. I guess he was wrong and so were we.

  3. Check out this picture:

    Is that a scar above his lip? I don't want to speculate, but...oh wait! Yes, I do! Elin hit him and broke his face. He had plastic surgery to fix it. That's why he has been out the spotlight until now. Now he has scars. Discuss.

  4. Tiger's speech was almost as robotic and awkward as Micheal Jackson's children accepting their father's lifetime achievment award at the Grammys. But no fear, now that he read us the speech his publicist wrote for him we can all rest easy that he is going to do nothing but "live a life of integrity." He will NEVER do anything wrong ever again...whew!
    Even though basketball is a less wholesome sport than golf, haven't we gotten over Kobe's infidelities? Can't Tiger just buy Elin a diamond ring with a carat for each hussy he nailed? No?

  5. That scar is pretty bad! I never noticed it before! Also....I agree that he sounded like a robot. I wonder if the same PR person who wrote MJ's offspring's speech wrote Tiger's? The only difference is that Tiger is a grown man.