Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol

Even though I’ve been told since the show started that I would love it, until a few weeks ago I had never seen American Idol. First of all, I definitely do not love this show. The episodes go on for way too long and the way in which America votes on each contestant reminds me of a telethon. Also, the judges are always bitching about song choice and how contestants need to make songs their own, but then as soon as a contestant switches it up the judges say the song is unrecognizable.

That being said, judges for every reality show (i.e. America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Top Chef) are a pain in the ass because that’s their job. At least Kara DioGuardi can write songs and sing and at least Ellen DeGeneres is funny. If I hear Randy Jackson refer to somebody as “dawg” one more time I’m going to reach through my TV and punch him in the face. Meanwhile, Simon says exactly what he thinks and of course is obnoxious a lot of the time but everyone knows that already. And don’t even get me started on Ryan “My radio voice doesn’t translate to TV” Seacrest. Moving on….

Even thought the show isn’t my favorite, I do love seeing raw talent putting themselves out there and signing like they have nothing to lose. The music industry is in shambles and critics are tougher than ever but there are kids as young at 16-years-old who are standing in front of big egos belting out songs with voices beyond their years on live television. It’s gutsy, it’s tough and they are risking being shred to pieces. But they do it anyway and it’s impressive.

Plus, I feel for the contestants. Not only is it tough to take criticism in front of millions of people, it’s hard to know what the judges want. As someone watching at home I want them to choose a good song and I want them to put on a good show. Everyone who made it on American Idol can sing to some degree but the question is can they perform.

Even with all its faults, there is no question that this show has become very popular over the years and that it has produced some amazing, Grammy-winning singers such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, two voices that absolutely blow me away. So I guess the judges, and America for that matter, do know what they’re talking about some of the time. That being said they dropped the ball big time on Jennifer Hudson so who the hell knows.

Right now my favorite girl is Crystal Bowersox and my favorite guy is Lee Dewyze. But of course it’s up to America to decide. Hopefully the winner is more Clarkson/Underwood and less Fantasia/Clay Aiken.

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