Monday, September 27, 2010

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez

Wow…those are two names I never thought I’d see in the same title. Although I haven’t seen many episodes of American Idol there are a ton of artists I really like that came from that show - Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry and Crystal Bowersox just to name a few. While there have always been amazing singers on Idol, the judges have managed to gain more publicity than the talent whether it’s Simon Cowell’s biting responses, Randy Jackson’s consistent use of the word “dawg” or Paula Abdul’s nutjob behavior.

After Abdul left the show in 2009, songwriter Kara DioGuardi took over her seat. Although she has cred for the hit songs she’s written for several artists with huge voices, she was never that impressive to me as a judge. Knowing that 2010 would mark Cowell’s final year, Idol set out to shake things up last season by adding a fourth judge – the fabulous Ellen DeGeneres who I’m assuming they were trying out as a replacement for Cowell. I thought she was great but after only one season she called it quits and DioGuardi followed her lead.

With only one judge left (Jackson) rumors began swirling around the entertainment industry about who would fill the remaining judge chairs. Names like Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson and Elton John were thrown around but the final choices ended up being Aerosmith’s charismatic lead singer Steven Tyler and Jenny from the Block. Two extremely successful artists who couldn’t be more different. While Boston-bred Tyler has been the voice behind one of America’s greatest rock and roll bands for over four decades, Lopez was the first actress-singer to have a number one album and a number one movie in the same week.

I’ve been an Aerosmith fan for as long as I can remember (my dog is named after an Aerosmith song for crying out loud) and I can’t wait to hear what Tyler has to say when it comes to spotting or dismissing new talent. I’m wondering how critical he is going to be or if he will be kind to his fellow artists. As far as J-Lo is concerned I’ve never been a huge fan but obviously the woman who has been successful both on screen and in the studio has something to offer and I’m ready to hear what she has to say.

The new season of American Idol featuring the new lineup of judges will begin in January 2011. Until then do yourself a favor and listen to some Aerosmith classics like “Sweet Emotion,” “Back in the Saddle,” “Crazy,” “Dream On” and “Walk This Way” or maybe ones you haven’t heard like “Sedona Sunrise” and “Mama Kin” while thinking about which scarf Tyler will use to decorate his microphone. You should also listen to some Lopez albums like On The 6 and J.Lo or maybe even pop in some of her better movies like Out Of Sight and Selena.

I predict that January’s Idol premiere is going to be a big one as new singers and new judges will bring in new viewers and curious old viewers. Let the talent show begin.


  1. I am looking forward to the show. Liked your comments.

  2. Thanks Jack! I'm very curious to see how it goes as well!