Monday, August 2, 2010

Things I learned While Packing Boxes:

-My Dad always had a camera with him.
-So did I.
-It’s amazing what families can survive.
-Going through old photos is the best and worst part.
-Time moves on.
-There is something to be said about hanging on to things over the years and revisiting them after so much time has gone by.
-There is nothing like old friends.
-You always have more in closets and storage than you think.
-No one should ever hang onto Grateful Dead stuffed bears that were cool in the 90s.
-Going to dueling piano bars is always a good time.
-Being organized is the key to packing and apparently to life.
-We will forever be grateful to Ber, Julia and Helga.
-You have nothing if you don’t have your health.
-Looking through boxes and seeing your past is exciting. It shows what your family did to make sure your childhood was something to remember.
-Seeing my birth announcement in Billboard Magazine was like being reassured that not only are my parents cool but that doing cool things for kids when they are young so they can see them when they get older is more than worth it.
-The music business used to be the best industry on earth.
-If it wasn’t for a certain wolf I knew when I was four and five years old there would never have been a Cita and there certainly never would have been a Sedona. Thank you Pete and Karen.
-Miami is 1,000 degrees in the summer.
-I can’t wait to revisit 10 years of photos with Carly. We’ve had so much fun.
-We are destined to become like our parents. For better or for worse but mostly for the better… I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive Father and Mother.
-Having people around who have known you your whole life is severely underrated.
-The more things change the more they stay the same. It’s a cliché for a reason….trust me.

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  1. awww I remember Cita. And being neighbors and playing adventure games. :)